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People in this DNA ethnicity group may identify as: The Europe East region stretches from the Baltic Sea in the north to the borders of Greece in the south. Throughout history, the region has stood at the crossroads—and often in the crosshairs—of Europe and Central Asia. Despite constant invasions and occupations over the centuries, the hardy inhabitants have, nevertheless, managed to persevere.
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Eastern Europe is the eastern part of the European continent. There is no consensus on the precise area it covers, partly because the term has a wide range of. Eastern Europe is the eastern region of Europe. The term "Eastern Europe" still means such European countries that until the end of the Cold War were.
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Back in the good old Cold War days, defining Eastern Europe was easy: Eastern Europe had those backward, communist countries which were frozen in the Stone Age. Because the world had such a low opinion of Eastern Europe, nowadays nobody wants to admit that they live there. When pressed, Eastern Europeans admit that Eastern Europe exists, but they all believe that the region starts just east of whatever country they happen to live in.

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In some sources, Eastern Europe is defined as the nations bordered by the Baltic and Barents seas on the north; the Adriatic , Black , and Caspian seas and the Caucasus Mountains on the south; and the Ural Mountains. The Transcaucasian countries of Armenia , Azerbaijan , and Georgia are included in this definition, though they are defined by the UN as western Asia. The boundaries of Eastern Europe, therefore, are subject to considerable overlap and fluctuation depending on the context in which they are used, which makes differentiation difficult. Global regions are often of social constructs defined by abstract, neutral criteria and not necessarily strict physical features.
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